Frequently Asked Questions

Roofing Contractors who will give you a quote over the phone without meeting you or visiting your property should be avoided.  This is very unprofessional.

We do not give estimates over the phone. There are too many variables to simply give an accurate quote. We will meet you in person, ask you specific questions to gain a full understanding of your roofing needs and then provide you with a written detailed estimate including our detailed preparation and installation procedure for a typical home. We provide each homeowner we meet with our written installation process for the type of roof we recommend.This allows the homeowner to easily understand the cost of installing a new roof on their home and it allows them to easily compare our proposal with another proposal.

All of our agreements are in writing with a price guarantee for the work and materials specified.

Yes. Getting the Certificate of Insurance directly from the contractor’s insurance agent will provide you with assurance that the coverage is current.

Professional roofing contractors adhere to the following guidelines:

The roofing contractor is required to maintain statutory Worker’s Compensation insurance.

The roofing contractor must carry at least $100,000 for each incident and $500,000 total liability insurance.

If the roofing contractor utilizes sub-contractors – they all must also meet the same insurance requirements.

Ask every roofing contractor if roofing is listed as their primary business on their worker’s compensation insurance policy. If they don’t list roofing as the primary business, this can expose the homeowner to additional liability in the case of an accident. Athens Roofing, Inc. specifically lists roofing as the primary business on our workers compensation policy.

Unfortunately, many roofing contractors don’t classify their crew members properly so if they get hurt on your job, your homeowner’s insurance will be responsible or at the very least you will have a messy claim to deal with.

If a roofing or home remodeling contractor is unable to produce the appropriate insurance documents, do not hire them as you may be responsible for any injuries or other accidents that occur.

Yes. Quality roofing contractors have multiple references from past clients. We believe that a roofing contractor should provide you with a list of at least 10 references – this prevents the contractor from giving you 3 or 4 “references” that are actually not real customers but friends or associates. Athens Roofing, Inc. provides a list of 15 references you can call. If a contractor is unable or unwilling to provide at least 10 references that should be a red flag.

Roofing contractors should have longstanding relationships with their local bank and local suppliers. All of their relationships should be in good standing. Businesses in good standing with the bank and local suppliers get preferential treatment and pricing which helps them stay competitive. Athens Roofing, Inc. is pleased to provide you with our bank and vendor reference.

Yes and here are the reasons why we do it:

This step is one that MANY ROOFING CONTRACTORS SKIP because they know the homeowner isn’t likely to get up on the roof to check out what they are recommending.

A physical examination of the roof is the ONLY way to determine what needs to be done.

You CANNOT know the real condition of the roof until you walk on it.

This is the only way to get an accurate measurement.

Many roofing contractors do a quick drive-by estimate – this is the major cause of “change orders” that increase the quoted price and leave the homeowner feeling ripped off.

Yes. A written price and satisfaction guarantee is your only protection against faulty workmanship, substitute products and hidden charges.

Each bid should specify the materials to be used, the specific steps to be performed and a price that is guaranteed for the bid submitted. The bid should also include the process for change orders for additional work or for changes to the original bid requirements. We diligently examine every roof but occasionally we will find rotted plywood at the edges due to a prior defective job. When this happens we will need to adjust our price to include replacement of additional plywood. We do preserve the removed sheets for your inspection.

We don’t make money on installing the extra plywood due to the extra time it takes to get it and install it. As a responsible roofing contractor, we have to replace it.

Yes. We will offer you a discount if you hire us to provide any of our services at multiple properties at the same time. The amount of the discount will be dependent on how close together the projects are and how similar the projects are to each other.

Simply call us at (706) 338-0472 and if we are not available – we return all morning calls by 1PM and all afternoon calls by 6 PM during normal work days. (Try us!)

Once we meet with you – either on the spot or within 24 hours in almost all cases.

We make extensive use of tarps to protect your close plantings.

This procedure provides additional insurance that your plants and shrubs that are close to your home will be protected.  In most cases, the use of tarps to protect your yard prevents any trash from ever hitting the ground. The trash goes straight from the roof, into our wheelbarrow and into the proper receptacle.

This insures that the customer’s home is ready for use at the beginning and end of each day.

Not all the time but we do ask that you be available each day so we can provide you with our daily update of progress and answer any questions you have.

Most projects are completed in one day but each project is different. We give you approximate start and finish dates in our proposal. Once we start your project, we stay on it each day until we are finished unless there are circumstances beyond our control like weather that don’t permit us to work.

Yes. We are motivated to complete your project as that is the only way we get paid. Once we start your project, we stay on it each day until we are finished unless there are circumstances beyond our control like weather that don’t permit us to work.

Yes. We will provide the appropriate information to your HOA.

We offer a 15-year Worry Free Roofing Warranty on labor/installation on all new complete re-roofing projects. Our warranty is 2 to 3 times longer than most of our competitors.

This labor warranty on the  installation of your new roof is the most important thing that protects you from unexpected problems in the future. Not only will faulty installation lead to unwanted problems in the future, but it will also void your manufacturer’s material warranty.

Athens Roofing, Inc. has a strict written policy regarding behavior including the use of drugs or alcohol and smoking. We will share that with you at our first meeting.